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Desert Mob Panel (green section)

Desert Mob Panel (green section)


TITLE: Desert Mob Panel
MEDIUM: Woodblock printed intaglio
DIMENSIONS: 100 x 80cms

The Desert Mob panel involved 40 artists from almost 40 art centres in as many communities in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia. Basil Hall invited them to be part of a joint work to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the annual Desert Mob exhibition at the Araluen Art Centre in Alice Springs. 40 separate woodblocks were carved and returned to BHE in Darwin for editioning as individual prints. The 40 blocks were then assembled in groups of eight and printed as 5 large sheets forming the Desert Mob Panel.
Available as a whole panel, measuring 400 x 80cms or as individual sheets (red, green, grey, yellow or orange backgrounds)

This is the Green section.

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